Getting Started with Program Boards for JIRA


Thank you for downloading our plugin! (Or if you haven’t downloaded it yet but are curious to check out what it entails – welcome to you as well!) After installing our plugin you’ll be guided to a health diagnostics page, which will notify you if you need to make any changes for Program Boards to work. Once the health diagnostics shows that you’re good to go, please select ‘Getting Started’ from the dropdown to create your first board!

Getting Started:


Quick Tips:

  • In order to see tickets on the board, you must have one active sprint created from your data.
  • If I have my teams spread out across many projects, what board should I use?
    • Use a project board to bring all your teams spread out across multiple JIRA projects into one Program Board.
  • If I have teams all in one giant project, what board should I use?
    • Use a Team board and either specify and create teams or configure your own custom team fields in the project admin screen in order to assign work to teams.
  • If I have existing data that already exists and I don’t want to reconfigure all my data again, what type of board should I create?
    • Use a Filter board so that you can leverage saved filters to create your program board from saved filters. NOTE: make sure the filters are sharedin order to make them available to use.
  • What if I added custom issue types to my JIRA?
    • You can still select custom issue types from the issue type drop down screen when you are specifying which issue types to create. We commonly see Features, Business Epics, Architectural Epics, Spikes, Risks, Milestones and moreā€¦
  • What if I changed JIRA fields?
    • If you have altered any system level fields in JIRA we need to ensure you map these fields in order to ensure Program Boards works as intended. An example could be when a user changes Epic Link to Feature Link.
Getting Started with Program Boards for JIRA

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