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Confluence Voting

Confluence voting is a Plugin that brings watching and voting from JIRA, into Confluence with an easy to use Macro.


By inserting the Confluence Voting macro in your Confluence page, you utilize a JQLString to extract and embed tickets from desired JIRA board. Bridging the powers of JIRA and Confluence, users can easily vote for which features should be planned next. Confluence voting will also rank the tickets in order of more importance according to the amount of votes received.

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Confluence Voting Features

Confluence voting allows you to watch and vote on issues from JIRA.

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Rank in order of importance

The Confluence voting will allow you to see which issues are the most important to team, based by ranking the tickets in order of importance according to the number of votes it received.

Easy to insert Macro

By adding a simple macro onto your Confluence page, you can merge the information from both JIRA and Confluence

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