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The Project Burn Up Gadget lets you view your project progress over time. It plots your Version (called a Milestone) dates based on total points assigned to each Version and start/release dates. The gadget shows the burnup of points for each Sprints (using a Scrum Board) towards the selected Versions to show the team progress. A user-definable “Danger Zone” sets a control limit to show when the project progress is too far from the idealburnup.

The gadget offers flexibility in reporting and usability in allowing the reporter to select a projects Version(s), issue priority, danger zone % of total time, and sprint length (which should align with the Scrum Board sprint length). With this, a reporter can create a customized report to show progress on one or multiple Versions.



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Fast, Visible Project Tracking

Multiple release project burnup lets you quickly and easily see project progress over time against one or all versions.

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Easy setup

No filters – just select a few key fields from drop down menus and the gadget takes care of the rest!


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